How to Change Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are designed to last an average of six to twelve months, but the rubber blades will likely wear out sooner if they’re regularly exposed to snow, salt, ice, rain, or extreme temperatures. If your windshield wipers are frayed, squeaking, or no longer doing their job, you can either learn how to change your windshield wipers or schedule a service appointment at our Elizabethtown service center. Keep reading to learn how to change wipers.



How To Change Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are relatively inexpensive to replace, and the Bob Swope Ford parts specialsmake it even more cost-effective. So, back to how to change windshield wipers yourself. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Position your windshield wipers so they’re upright and away from the glass. 
  2. Toss out the old wiper blades and open the new packaging.
  3. Read the instructions on the new windshield wiper’s packaging for how to remove the old ones. You’ll likely have to depress a tab to pull it off or slide it off. 
  4. First, clean your windshield thoroughly to prevent dirt from getting on your new windshield wiper blades. 
  5. Install your new windshield wipers according to the instructions. 
  6. Carefully put your windshield wipers back to their regular position.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. If you’re not the DIY type and prefer to have them installed professionally, a member of our service team is happy to do it for you during your next service appointment

Signs That It’s Time to Change Wipers

Watch for these signs that it’s time to change wiper blades as you’re driving around Shepherdsville:

  • Scratches to Windshield Glass
  • Separated Blades
  • Cracked Rubber
  • Screeching Noise
  • Gaps in Windshield Clearing
  • Loose chunks of the blades

How to Clean Windshield Wipers

If your wiper blades are relatively new and aren’t working properly, they may just need a good cleaning. Pull your windshield wiper blades away from the windshield and run your finger across them. If you feel stuck on dirt and debris, gently wash it off and see if that fixes the issue. However, if you notice missing pieces of the rubber blades, you should get new windshield wipers. 

The Bob Swope Ford Service Center is Here to Help 

Our service center near Fort Knox is affordable and quick! Whether you need more information on how to change your windshield wipers, how to replace a car battery, or anything else, we’re happy to assist. Contact us today!


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