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What you need to know about your engine's oil.

When I was given the keys to my first car, I was given too pieces of advice/commands. Always drive the speed limit and always check the oil. Keeping the oil regularly changed and topped up is one of the keys to maintaining your vehicle.

Why does oil need to be changed?

As the engine works, debris and dirt enter the engine. Oil is tasked with pulling this debris away from critical moving parts. Over time this debris builds and it begins to interfere with the job of the oil to pull away new debris and keep parts properly lubed. If you wait even longer, the lubricating property of oil begins to break down. Oil starts to return to simpler materials and your engine is left without the protective layer the oil once provided.

How often should you get your oil changed?

3,000 miles used to be the hard and fast rule for oil changes. Nowadays your service manual will have a more specific answer. Some vehicles use only synthetic and are going 8,000 or more miles between oil changes. If you're not sure what your service manual says, don't worry we've got your covered. All of our technicians are able to look up your make and model and give you an oil change to your vehicles requirements.

How much does an Oil Change cost?

This also used to be an easier question to answer. It depends on two major factors and a bunch of little ones. First off, do you want synthetic or regular? Some vehicles don't give you the choice but if you can choose synthetic is usually more but tends to last longer. The second is volume, it should come as no surprise that a Ford SuperDuty Diesel pickup truck holds gallons of oil while a Ford Focus mere quarts.

What are the dangers of changing the oil myself?

Whether you're looking to change the oil yourself or have a independent shop do it the dangers are similar. At Bob Swope Ford we have a strict process for handling oil changes, we verify volumes of oil removed and filled in your vehicle. Our technicians are put through specific training to make sure they are performing the procedure properly and there is management verifying it is done correctly. This is important if you put too much oil, not enough oil, or forget to tighten the oil plug properly you risk destroying your engine. Suddenly the money you saved on your oil change by doing it yourself is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of replacing your vehicle.