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Looking for a cash offer for your used car or truck? At Bob Swope Ford we are always on the lookout for quality used vehicles. It may surprise you but most of our used vehicles come from our new car customers. By buying directly from private owners we can make better informed decisions than just buying at a local auction.

Selling your car how it works:

The easiest way is to come over to the Dealership at: 1307 N. Dixie Hwy Elizabethtown. We will ask you a few questions and look around the vehicle with you. Once we've verified some things we will give you an instant cash offer for the vehicle.

Can I just call and get my offer?

Although we'd prefer you came in, if you want to make an initial call over the phone we can give you an offer contingent on verifying some things with your vehicle.

Do I have to buy a car from you?

The short answer is no. Although we'd love to help you find your next vehicle, you do not have to buy a car from Bob Swope Ford to sell us your current car.

What if I still owe money on the car?

That's fine. We can help you work with your financial institution to complete the sale of your used car.

How does Bob Swope Ford come up with a price for my car?

We use several tools that measure the market value of your vehicle. These nationally recognized appraisal tools help to assure you get a good price for your car or truck.

What if I don't like the offer?

If you don't like our offer you are welcome to not take it. We understand that we aren't always going to come to an agreement and so if our offer doesn't work for you just let us know.